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Facing a court date can be an intimidating experience, especially if you've never dealt with the local legal system. Work with Bryon M. Smith Attorney at Law and navigate the court system with ease. We are a locally-owned and operated law firm that has defended our community's residents since 1989! Our attorney has extensive experience defending clients on all types of charges. We'll carefully go over the details of your case to build the best defense and aggressively pursue a reduced or eliminated charge on your behalf.

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Best lawyer ever. Mr. Smith has defended me several times and always the best outcome.


Very up front and honest. Two qualities not usually associated with a lawyer. Mr. Smith has been my lawyer of choice for years now, never have I been disappointed. I would recommend his services to anyone.


Being referred to this lawyer was the best thing that could've happened to me. I had a traffic ticket that I thought had been taken care of more than 10 years back and he was able to handle the case very quickly and efficiently. I am able to get back to my life because of this man's work. He and his associates were very professional over the phone and kept my mind at ease with every phone call. Take in mind, this case was in NC and I now live in CA.
Thank you sooo much!


I got a speeding while I was on a weekend trip down in North Carolina. I called up a few attorneys and Bryon and his staff definitely stood out. I ended up choosing them because Bryon was straight to the point and assured me that I'd be taken care of. He was the only attorney who I spoke with who told me that I can avoid an online driving class even after getting my ticket reduced down to improper driving. Other attorneys said I'd have to take it. If you need any defense legal consultation in NC, I'd highly recommend him and his superior expertise and service. His fee was in line with other attorneys FYI.


Super guy! Got my speeding ticket (70 in a 55) reduced to a rear seat belt violation & I didn't even have to appear in court. Cost was affordable and I didn't have to miss a day of work. I HIGHLY recommend this Attorney.


Attorney Bryon M. Smith has represent my family and I for well over twenty years. An honorable man as well as a superb Attorney.


Went in to his office for an FTA and running a stop sign. They told me how much it'd cost. Paid the fee. He got everything reduced to improper equipment, which is no points on my license or insurance. Within a week I received a letter in the mail stating he handled everything. Had receipts for where all the money went. I didn't even have to go to court. I wish I found this guy years ago!! Thanks Mr. Smith!!!

- RON I.

If you need an Attorney in the Jacksonville NC area, please give Bryon M. Smith a call.....Our issue was quickly and favorably resolved. Could not be more pleased!!!


Great service. I called in told them what happened gave me a flat fee, plus the court cost, told me what they were going to do and how it was going to be handled. I got a letter in the mail saying it was all taken care of with the amount originally promised never had to go to court or deal with it at all. I would definitely go again, hoping I don't have to! Thank you!


I 100% recommended Mr.Smith when it comes to taking care of your legal needs. He is very professional and actually cares about his clients. He is willing to work with you, he knows how hard it can be during times like this. He has dismissed both of my cases with no problem, no court fees, no community service etc. Personally, I would say he is the best attorney in Jacksonville.


Wow! A TRUE professional and all around nice guy!! Mr. Smith was prompt, responsive, an excellent communicator and made me feel at ease knowing he was there for me to help resolve my traffic citation. I could not have had a more pleasant and competent attorney.


I would give 20 stars if I could! This was my first ticket and I was frantic.. Bryon M. Smith and his team handled everything SO QUICKLY & EFFICIENTLY!! I contacted them via their website..and was able to pay over the phone.. He even appeared in court for me so I wouldn't miss a day of work.. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Bryon M. Smith & staff!!! You ended my scary situation..FAST!! I could not have asked for better service!


Comprehensive legal services in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Bryon M. Smith Attorney at Law, Criminal Defense Attorney, can represent you no matter what you've been charged with in Jacksonville. We've spent more than three decades navigating the ever-changing legal system of Jacksonville and can provide assistance with:

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Being charged with a crime in Jacksonville, North Carolina is a serious problem. You could be risking your entire future if you're not careful. Bryon M. Smith Attorney at Law, Criminal Defense Attorney, will represent you on your court date and pursue a desirable outcome for charges like:

We'll work hard to eliminate or reduce your charges. Our goal will always be to protect your best interests and ensure your basic rights remain intact! Learn more by calling Bryon M. Smith Attorney at Law, Criminal Defense Attorney: 910-455-0053

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