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You still have rights after a DWI charge. The most important move you can make after a DWI charge is to call a DWI defense attorney. Bryon M. Smith Attorney at Law is here for you in Jacksonville, NC. We'll look at every angle of your situation in order to fight the DWI charge. Take the first step toward a reduced or dropped charge, and schedule your consultation today.

Your DWI attorney pays attention to the details

There are many factors that go into a DWI charge. We'll find out the answers to the following questions to build a strong case:

  • Did the police have a legal basis to pull you over?
  • Did they have a legal basis to perform the breath test?
  • Did they properly administer the breath test?
  • Were you informed of your constitutional rights?

Bryon M. Smith Attorney at Law leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your DWI case. Call your DWI defense attorney today to schedule your consultation.

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