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Charged With a Crime in Jacksonville, NC?

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Being charged with a crime can rock your world. Imagine what being convicted of one could do. Don't let it get that far-hire Bryon M. Smith Attorney at Law. We'll effectively represent you when you're forced to defend yourself in a court of law. Our attorney will carefully go over the details of your case to build the best possible defense, tailoring it to your unique situation and needs. You'll breathe a little easier knowing you're in the hands of an experienced professional!

Give yourself the best possible chance at a favorable outcome. Work with Bryon M. Smith Attorney at Law to see what he can do for your case.

Hire a criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Bryon M. Smith Attorney at Law can provide you with a quality defense no matter what you've been charged with. Our knowledgeable attorney can help with charges stemming from:

  • Assault
  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • All drug offenses
  • Theft, and more

We'll work hard to keep you from serving jail time, paying hefty fines or serving a lengthy probation sentence. Schedule a consultation with Bryon M. Smith Attorney at Law to get started.

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